Grab a few bone-in Tomahawk Steaks this week while they are sale.  This special cut of meat will impress guests with its presentation and taste.  According to Certified Angus Beef, the Tomahawk is “rich, juicy and very flavorful with generous marbling throughout.  The Tomahawk has a long frenched-bone.”

Jess Pryles says tomahawks are simple to cook, but need a few tweaks to tradition grilling for best results.  Check out Jess Proles‘s How to cook the perfect Tomahawk Steak for step by step instructions and photos.  Tomahawks are often too big for a skillet with their 6-8 inch long bone and they are at least 2 inches thick so getting a sear on both sides without a rare center is tricky.  Season with salt and pepper and set your charcoal grill for two zone grilling.  Flip often and check the temperature.  This steak looks amazing.  Your guests will keep coming back for more.

Or try Steven Raichlen’s (Barbecue! Bible) coffee rubbed tomahawk rib steak recipe.  Kingsford tops smoked and grilled tomahawk ribeye steaks with garlic shallot butter before serving.  The Spruce includes cardamon and fennel seeds in their Tomahawk Steak Rub Recipe.

53510835 – close up top down view on single barbecued rib tip with rosemary, salt and herbs on dark background