Take a Screen Break

Take a screen break:  Reduce screen time by shutting off your phone, computer, tablets, televisions, etc.  You’ll have more time to play with your kids, visit with your spouse, go for a walk, make supper from scratch, and just relax with peace and quiet.  Reducing screen time will help you sleep better, probably snack less, and if you’re not checking out a screen, chances are you’re moving which is a win-win!

Take a screen time vacation. In the summer put away the gaming systems to encourage kids to play outside.  Our family took a screen time diet.  We removed screen time for a whole week.  The kids weren’t too happy at first and either was mom when she realized she couldn’t watch her favorite youtube channels while washing the dishes.  Each night we intentionally brought out a new game to play as a family or a different set of blocks that were being neglected.  My kids behavior improved a ton and going to bed was much easier for everyone.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children over 2 have no more than 1-2 hours of screen time per day.  According to Scientific America, when parents limited screen time over a 7 month period, children slept better, gained less weight, received better grades, exhibited more cooperative behavior in school and were less aggressive with their peers (Kids on Screen-Time Diet Lost Weight and Got Better Grades).

12076986 - retro tv, illustration.

12076986 – retro tv, illustration.