Eat Breakfast

According to WebMD.comThe Many Benefits of Eating Breakfast, a healthy breakfast helps control weight, improves concentration at school and work, provides energy for physical activity and helps lower cholesterol.  According to Huffington PostHealth Benefits of Eating Breakfastpeople who eat breakfast are healthier, have better short term memory, and consume more nutrients.

It’s important to make healthy choices for breakfast.  Mixing protein and whole grains make a great start to the day.  Eggs are great for breakfast paired with a pieces of fruit and maybe even some fresh broccoli or carrots.  If your children insist on cereal, try mixing low-sugar cereal with sugar cereal or have special cereal days.  Our kids love pop tarts, but they are not super healthy or filling so we have “pop-tart friday.”  The kids know on Fridays they get pop-tarts, so the rest of the week they are more likely to agree to eggs, smoothies, and oatmeal.