Get Up and Move

Get up and Move:  Get up and move at least 30 minutes every day.  Go for a brisk 10 minute walk, dance with your kids in the living room, do jumping jacks or jump rope during the commercials of your favorite show, or power walk through the grocery store.  According to the Mayo Clinic, exercising helps you sleep better, feel better, reduces disease risks, improves mood, boosts energy, control weight and so much more.  Aim to get 30-60 minutes of movement each day for EVERYONE in your family.  Make it fun.  Make sure your  doctor says you’re healthy enough for physical activity!
Easy Ways to Move More
  • Move for 10 minutes 3-6 times per day.  It all counts.
  • Try jumping jacks or jumping rope (with or without a rope) during commercials
  • play tag or shoot hoops with your kids
  • walk to work, the store, post office, etc.
  • stop using the remote to change TV channels
  • park farther away in parking lots
  • have a dance party in your living room
  • climb stairs during your lunch break (Prevention25 Easy Ways to Fit in 10 Minutes of Exercise)
  • stand up when talking on the phone to burn 10% more calories than when sitting
  • go sledding
  • wear a pedometer to track steps (Real Simple15 Ways to Get More Fit)
  • use the bathroom on a different floor
  • sign up for a charity race with your friends and train together (Better Homes and Gardens25 Easy Ways to Get Exercise)
  • try a workout video on youtube.
  • turn the playground into a ninja warrior course with your kids
  • do squats while holding your children
  • go on a family bike ride
  • go geocaching (download a geocaching app for your phone)
  • push up, dips, squats, and sit up are free and require no machines
  • try yoga poses to improve sleep, aid digestion, increase concentration, and improve flexibilty
  • if you live in Harvey, try walking, shooting hoops, running lines, or playing soccer in the Armory during the cold winter months
  • make exercise and moving a PRIORITY!!!

Looking for a fun way to burn some of your child’s energy inside on a freezing cold day.  Try this game my son started.  Scatter wash clothes around your rug (do not play this game on hard surfaces such as hard wood floors and tile, because kids will slip and fall).  Than have your children go back and forth jumping only on the wash clothes.  Each time they make it across, remove a wash cloth.  Keep doing until only a few wash clothes left.  Another option for larger sections of carpet is to make a trail to walk on from one room to the other.  Ask your child to walk on the wash clothes and rescue the puppies or other toys and bring them back one at a time.  Bonus if you can teach your child to fold towels after.  Enjoy these simple and free activities with your toddlers today!

wash cloth leap frog – remove a wash cloth each time the child goes across

46909432 - healthy lifestyle happy family exercising vector cartoon illustration

46909432 – healthy lifestyle happy family exercising vector cartoon illustration