Spice it up

Add spice: Add flavor to meals with herbs and spices.  Herbs and spices have next to no calories and change the flavor of a dish to make you think you’re eating meat when you’re really just eating lentils.  Some herbs and spices have health benefits like improving brain function, reducing cancer risks, and are good for your heart.  Add a little cinnamon to your morning coffee instead of a sugary creamer a couple times a week and see how you feel.   

Check out Nutrition and You’s Healthy Spice and Nutrition Facts for images and benefits of a variety of spices.  Fitness Magazine has an informative list of Eight Spices That Have Health Benefits including using rosemary as a meat marinade to reduce free radicals which may cause cancer and ginger that can help reduce muscle soreness from working out.  Nutmeg can help with reduce cavities and tastes great in chili.

Check out HGTV‘s 15 Creative Spice Storage Ideas for ways to organize your spice cabinet.  And remember to check to see if your spices are still fresh.  Check out Eat By the Date for How Long Do Spices Last? Shelf Life, Storage, Expiration to see if it’s time to replace a spice or two.

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